How to Hack Your Girlfriend’s Phone and Get Her Text Messages? 

If you ever find yourself wondering why your girlfriend is constantly on her phone,  it’s high time you found out what’s going on! Remember, your instinct is never good enough without concrete proof. This is where spy apps come in. Wondering how to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone? Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Phone

There are many good reasons why you should track your girlfriend’s phone to see her text messages. Apart from a lack of trust and probably your insecurity, below are a list of other good reasons.

  • She suddenly gets bored with you: now this is a red light you should never ignore. If your once loving girlfriend gets bored with you and consistently makes excuses to avoid dates, it’s time to use a spy app and spy on your girlfriend’s text messages.
  • Texting after bedtime: so you wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and your girlfriend is smiling at her cell phone, seemingly engrossed in some exciting conversation. The question that comes to mind is, who is she texting? This is a good reason to consider spying on her phone.
  • Overprotective of her phone: be Never too blinded by love to ignore this sign. If she’s always with her phone and gets uneasy when you mistakenly reach out for her phone, maybe there’s something she’s not telling you.
  • Answering questions a little slower than normal: when people tell lies, they get nervous. They try to control their nerves by thinking through the answer to give before they speak. Hence, answering questions a little slower than normal could be a sign she’s not telling the truth.
  • Her internet history is always cleared: this is a cause for alarm. What exactly could she be hiding? The only way to find out without her knowledge is to hack her phone.

How to See Girlfriend’s Text Messages With a Spy App?

text messages

How can you snoop if she’s always with her phone or her passwords and patterns are incredibly complicated? Luckily, you can monitor your girlfriend’s messages remotely. You can have her messages directly sent to your phone with the help of installed spy apps. Curious? Here are easy steps to help you see your girlfriend’s text messages.

  1. Select a preferred spy app. Depending on whether your girlfriend owns an iPhone or an Android phone, you want to choose a spy app that is best suited for her device. Ensure it is both reliable and compatible with her device. You can check for a list of safe spy apps for your device.
  2. Set up the app on her phone. If your girlfriend uses an iPhone, you’ll have to enter her correct iCloud details to access her phone and connect the device to the spy app. If she uses an Android device, all that is needed is one-time access to her phone to do a manual setup. Once this is done, go to the phone setting and confirm that the device is allowed to download files from unknown sources. Then go to Google play and disable play protect.
  3. Download the app. Once the first 2 steps have been completed, visit the official website of the spy app that is chosen, download the app, and install it on your girlfriend’s phone.
  4. Start spying. Now that the installation is complete, it’s time to log in to your spying account on the spy app’s Control Panel. Choose the apps you want to control from the Control Panel on your dashboard to receive all her text messages.

What Else Can You Monitor With Spy Apps?

You probably googled ”How to hack my girlfriend’s phone to see her text messages?”, but do you know you can get even more details from her phone? With spy apps, you can have access to the following:

  • Text messages. Once your girlfriend’s phone is hacked, you’ll receive both incoming and outgoing messages from her phone on your dashboard. Deleted messages are not spared too.
  • Browser history. So what if she cleared her browser history? Once a spy app is installed on your girlfriend’s phone, you can now monitor her browser history. If she’s been visiting some dating sites, you’ll find out in no time.
  • Instant messages. You can monitor instant messages directly from your Control Panel dashboard as well.
  • Call recordings. The spy app installed on your girlfriend’s phone will record her calls and conversations, and you’ll receive them in your dashboard. Imagine what you could find out from her calls?
  • Real-time location. Now you can monitor your girlfriend’s movement. Did she say she would see her mom over the weekend, and the location notification from the spy app says something different? We are getting somewhere. Do you suspect she’s seeing someone you know? You can set restricted locations and get instant alerts when she visits that area.

How to Track Girlfriend’s Number to Know Her Location?

If you want to track someone’s phone number without downloading anything on her phone or ever needing any physical contact at all, you should consider Detectico. You can carry out everything remotely and anonymously — your girlfriend will never find a trace of your operation — except for the initial text message you need to send her.

Detectico app

Detectico works by activating a tracker on her phone once she opens a certain SMS. All you need to track a person by cell phone number is enter her phone number on your Detectico interface and then craft a unique social-engineering SMS that will allow the software to go into her phone once she opens it. Once you send the message from your interface, and she opens it, Detectico will lock in her phone location data to let you track a phone number location without them knowing.

You don’t need to download anything or do anything that will jeopardize her phone’s security. Her phone number and location data will be accessible to you only.


The minute you feel that something isn’t right with your relationship, don’t hesitate to try and find out what’s going on. Studies show that 70% of single people will experience cheating in their relationship. Sadly, you have every reason to be nervous.

However, you don’t want to jump to a conclusion without concrete facts. Matters of the heart are delicate, so you don’t want to lose the love of your life over mere assumptions. Get your facts right. The internet has a list of legit and safe spy apps to help you hack your girlfriend’s phone.

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