How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Without Knowing the Password and Email?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, with an estimated 1.93 billion active users daily. One of the most widely used social networks globally, Facebook helps foster business and personal communication for many people seamlessly. 

As such, gaining direct access to someone’s Facebook account can reveal a lot of confidential information about them. This prospect explains why spouses who have worries about their partner’s infidelity often try to spy on their Facebook messages to see who they’ve recently contacted. 

Although we aren’t fortune-tellers by any chance, we can guess the reason you’re reading this article is to look for ways to break into a Facebook account. Maybe you have fears your spouse is cheating. If so, you’ll want to read their texts and confront them with foolproof evidence.

Conversely, are you worried your child is keeping the wrong company online, and you want to keep them safe? Regardless of the reason, this article fields the solutions you’ve always needed.

Below, we’ll be diving into sure-fire ways to hack into someone’s Facebook. Are you ready to know the bits that go into this activity? Let’s get started.

Get Into Facebook Without the Password With Spying Applications


Most people think the only way to hack their child’s Facebook is if you have access to their password and email. As such, they spend loads of time and effort trying to figure out how to guess someone’s password in a bid to log in to their daughter’s Facebook account, to no avail.

However, you mustn’t necessarily have a Facebook account’s email and password to access it. If you’ve been looking for how to hack an FB account without knowing the password and email, a spy app is what you need. 

Spy apps are the best way to spy on someone’s Facebook texts. Additionally, you can also view everything they’re doing on their smartphone without their password. 

Using spy apps, you can do the following on the target device:

  • View all sent, received, and even deleted texts on Facebook
  • Manage calls on Facebook Messenger
  • View multimedia files
  • Read chats from various IM applications
  • Track GPS locations in real-time
  • Complete control over applications
  • Monitor Internet activity 

So, if you’re suspecting your husband is cheating with someone online, and you want to read his texts, all you need to do is install a spy app on his phone. Once this is done, you’ll have all the rock-solid proof of his infidelity right in your hands. 

The best part of spy apps? These offerings work in stealth mode. Consequently, your partner won’t know you’re spying on their messages. 

Although you’ll be needing a subscription package to download and install most spy apps on the target device, the prices attached are usually affordable. While there are always a few free options you can try out, we recommend paid applications as they envelop more features.

How to Hack Facebook Password Without Changing It With Keylogger?


Keyloggers are mobile phone software that keep records of keystrokes from a smartphone’s keyboard. Typically, they’re a feature on the best spy apps. 

Once you’ve installed a spy app on someone’s iPhone, you can view everything they type on the device using the keylogger function available on your dashboard. 

If you’ve been searching for how to hack someone’s Facebook account without changing the password online, consider engaging a spy app that fields a keylogger feature. This add-on ensures that spying takes place covertly without giving the target any hint whatsoever.

What Information Will Be Available With the Keylogger Technique?

Since keyloggers record every keystroke on a device, you’ll no longer need to guess your child’s password. Rather, you’ll have exclusive access to it whenever they use it to log into their accounts. The keylogging technique is tagged as the most reliable way to see a Facebook password without changing it. 

Also, if your child uses Facebook Messenger a lot, you can use a keylogger to monitor everything they’re typing in their message inbox without directly opening their account. As such, it’s also the best way to log into someone’s Facebook Messenger without them getting a notification. 

Aside from Facebook Messenger, you’ll also have access to everything they type (sent and unsent) in their Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp inboxes. With this sophisticated feature on spy apps, they can no longer hide their inappropriate conversations on social media from you. 

How to Figure Out Someone’s Password Using Their Data?

Besides spy apps and keyloggers that allow you to hack a Facebook account without the password or email, there are several ways you can guess someone’s login details. Although you won’t learn how to hack an FB password in 30 seconds as it’s practically impossible, we’ll show you how to figure out someone’s password on Facebook Messenger. Noteworthy ways include:

Find Out Someone’s Facebook Email Login 

Figuring out your wife’s Facebook email isn’t as tricky as getting their password. For example, you could simply ask her to send you an email. Usually, people use similar emails on their social media accounts. 

Another way you can find out someone’s Facebook email login is to check their social media accounts. While Facebook allows people to hide the visibility of their emails using the app’s privacy settings, several users haven’t activated this feature on their accounts.

If your wife is one of them, going through her account could quickly reveal her email login. However, if she has hidden her mail on her Facebook account, you could check her other social media profiles, such as Instagram. With the right ounce of perseverance, you’ll get a breakthrough.

Start Resetting the Password 

After finding out the email of the Facebook account, your next line of action should be resetting the password. While Facebook uses the “Forgot My Password” feature as a safety net for people who have forgotten their password, you can use it to set a new password and log into someone’s Facebook.  

To perform this task without hassles, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find a Messenger password using the reset password method: 

  1. Click on the “Forgot My Password” option.
  2. Enter the target’s email address (the email you got through step one).
  3. Tap the “This Is My Account” button.
  4. Once you do this, Facebook will request that you perform a password reset.

Answer the Secret Question

After you’ve been prompted by the Facebook team to reset a password, you don’t just input your preferred password. Once you’ve received the “password reset” prompt, you must do the following:

  1. Select the “No Longer Have Access to These” icon and enter your email in the field provided. 
  2. Facebook will ask you the secret question associated with the target’s Facebook account. 

The security question aspect is usually the most daunting aspect of this process. If you’re familiar with the person, this shouldn’t be challenging. However, it may be a tad tricky if you aren’t comfortable conversing.

If you’re faced with the latter, you can guess the answer. That said, if you’re fortunate to make a correct premise, you have a 24-hour timeline to reset the account’s password and log in. 

Use Phishing to Figure Out Someone’s Facebook Password


If you look up how to secretly log into someone’s Messenger on the Internet, one of the popular methods you’ll find is phishing. 

However, it’s also quite complex and requires you to be a tad bit tech-savvy. Usually, it involves creating a false Facebook login page that you can send to the target. 

Once the user enters their password and email in the blank fields provided, the website immediately relays the information to you. 

That said, you’ll need some artistry in web design and web hosting skills to pull off a phishing hack (you’ll need the site to look believable at first glance). However, if you can buy a web domain similar to Facebook’s login interface, it could be a bit expensive. 

Moving on, if you’re looking for how to log into someone else’s Facebook without them knowing, we wouldn’t recommend phishing. Why? If the web page’s design isn’t convincing enough, the target can easily decipher that it’s a scam website. 

Restore Someone’s Account to Hack Into Their Facebook

Restoring a Facebook account is another way to gain access to someone’s Facebook profile. It involves Facebook sending three different passwords to three of the user’s friends. Despite being different, passcodes sent can be used to log in to the account immediately.

However, this method may be tricky to pull off because you may need to get in touch with the target’s friends to get the passwords. While exuding confidence might get you the needed results, the likelihood of you being caught ranks high.

What Are the Reasons to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook? 

While we’ll all agree that hacking into someone’s Facebook account is unethical, there are certain circumstances that warrant this action. Below are some of them: 

Catch a Cheating Partner

Social media is famous for making communication and networking easy. However, that’s only one side of the two-sided coin. On the flip side, the ease of meeting and connecting with new people also means that unfaithful romantic partners can now foster illicit affairs with the click of a button. 

With the ease of communication resonated across social media platforms, cheating spouses no longer need to leave the house to hook up. Right from the comforts of their homes, they can have limitless sexually explicit conversations anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, they even perpetuate these illicit acts next to their spouses. 

Thus, it isn’t surprising to see that people in romantic relationships rank high amongst those keen on how to hack a Facebook Messenger account. Most times, they aim to find out who their spouse is having an illicit affair with.

Parental Control

Smartphones have become so popular that everyone has one, including kids. The increased usage of mobile phones over the years has resulted in unlimited access to the Internet. 

While using the Internet has immense educational benefits for children, the many dangers lurking around the Internet also means that kids are often under threat whenever they browse on their smartphones. 

For example, cyberbullies are one of the significant problems in today’s virtual space. For these individuals, kids make easy prey. Also, sexual predation and catfishing are two other issues that are of considerable concern. 

Furthermore, pornographic content is prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These media forms foster indecency and aren’t appropriate for kids. 

With these issues accompanying social media usage, parents are making concerted efforts to install surveillance software on their children’s mobile devices to ensure they aren’t exposed to any of these threats. 

Beyond these, parents also worry about the friends their child hangs out with. Since kids spend a substantial amount of time interacting with their peers on social media, their parents have no other option than to spy on their chats to ensure they’re not into anything illegal, such as drugs or gangs. 

Company Security

While employees are one of the most vital parts of any business, they can also pose significant threats to an organization. For example, fraudulent workers can steal company funds or sell trade secrets to competitors for money. 

As such, most business executives and managers install spy apps on employees’ phones and computers to keep a close eye on them, ensuring they’re not into anything untoward. 

If a member of your staff is having conversations about selling company secrets to your competitors, spy software installed on their computers and mobile devices ensures that they’re caught in the act and discharged from their duties.

How to Protect Yourself From Facebook Hacking?

online security

There are numerous ways a hacker could gain access to your Facebook account. Resultantly, you want to ensure that you’ve tied up all the loose ends to protect yourself from a cyberattack. 

Here are a few ways to safeguard your account from hackers:

Use Separate Emails for Social Media and Business Endeavors

Using the same email for business communication and social media is appropriate on the one hand because you don’t get into mix-ups. However, it’s one of the easiest ways to expose your account to hackers.

For your safety, we recommend using different emails for Facebook and everyday interaction. 

If you’re going to end up forgetting the exact email you used for either of them, engage the offerings of a password manager to save your login details. This way, you can access them easily when making that switch from social media to business or vice versa.

Keep Your Facebook Email Private

While using a separate email for business and social media is one thing, keeping the latter private is another. Thus, try as much as humanly possible not to reveal your Facebook email to anyone. 

Rather than handing it over to friends and family for mailing, use your business and personal email. Also, please don’t use it to sign up and subscribe to anything on the Internet, as you may end up giving it to a phishing scammer. 

With cybercrime on the rise, you need to be more proactive in safeguarding yourself online. 

Update Your App Software Constantly

Although software update reminders can be pretty annoying due to their numerous pop-ups daily, they’re also quite vital. 

App updates come with the latest security patches to safeguard you from cyberattacks. By keeping older app versions on your phone, you’re exposing yourself to hackers and other cyber threats. 

So, if you haven’t already, update your Facebook application as soon as possible. However, don’t stop at just your Facebook app. If you can, get an upgrade for all applications attached to your smartphone.

Don’t relegate system updates to the background, as variations on Android and iOS come with security features meant to protect you from malware. 

Outdated software on your mobile phone is a loophole any cybercriminal can use to their advantage. Thus, at all times, keep your device safe. 

Come Up With a More Challenging Security Question

If your Facebook security question is about your pet or best friend, it’s about time you change it to something different. Those questions are way too easy, and anyone who knows you well enough – and with malicious intent – could figure them out and hack your account. 

Consequently, come up with something more challenging and private. We recommend questions that only you can answer. This way, you’re confident that no one close to you can gain access to your account to perpetrate anything illicit.

Choose Three Trusted Friends as Your Password Reset Contacts 

If someone tries to hack your Facebook account using the restore account option, Facebook will send three passcodes to three friends you’ve chosen to help you in account recovery.

Ensure that these individuals are those you trust to contact you immediately if someone tries to hack your account. You also need them to be loyal friends that won’t collaborate with someone to gain access to your Facebook account illegally or attempt to do so themselves. 

With trust becoming scarce in today’s world, don’t choose these three friends emotionally. Before you make an informed decision, think rationally about your most loyal and reliable friends. Putting their characters towards thorough scrutiny, it’s time to make your selections. 

Final Thoughts

While hacking a Facebook account isn’t exactly straightforward, it can be achieved. By engaging the above-mentioned methods, you can pull off efficiently and effectively.

If you want to keep an eye on your kid or find out if your spouse is cheating by hacking their Facebook account, you can try out the mediums we’ve listed. However, we recommend getting a spy app because it’s the most comprehensive and straightforward solution.

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