Project Managers constantly face the problem of keeping each and every project running at the same pace and operate within a fixed budget. There are several constitutional and foreign factors that hinder the progress of a project. Nevertheless, by having an exceptional plan and a few provisions ready, a project manager is ready to edge the project to success.

This document gives some project management tips and tricks that can help accelerate any project efficiently.

Tips to Accelerate your Project

1. Boost on Mobility –

This is a sure and certain way to overcome hindrances in your project. In an era of smartphones and tablets, using project management tools that work on such devices enables project managers to easily access relevant information. . This not only empowers project managers with flexibility and ease of access but also enables them to manage their teams remotely. This helps to increase the productivity of the team.

2. Lock in the Project Details:

Before starting any project, make sure that the project is established on substantial support and that you have all the decision makers in place.

It is essential to appreciate their beliefs and concerns and observe how they resolve issues, even if the project is unsuccessful.

Make sure that the project scope is uniquely analyzed and includes the roles and responsibilities of the team members.

Construct a project plan and verify that its precisely characterized goals are in alignment with the key elements, which should be closely coordinated.

Build an identifiable success benchmark that includes :

  • successfully completing tasks on the agenda
  • managing the financial targets
  • validating the product performance acceptable to the consumers,
  • assuring that the government or industrial governance factors are met.

In order to lay the fundamentals for the projects, all the above details should be taken care of.

3. Determine the Project and Team Requirements:

It is important to have a powerful plan of action in place in order to implement an efficient project team. The team’s success commences with fundamental management to mobilize and arrange available resources who are competent of working together as a team through the assimilation of each one’s ability, expertise and eminence.

It is the project manager’s job to assess every team member’s skills, talent, and eminence and coordinate tasks accordingly.  The project manager should ensure that every individual is sure about the task in hand and the result they need to provide consequent to successful execution of the task.

4. Stand as a Project Lead:

The project lead is one of the most crucial people in any project. The lead possesses certain key roles and needs to tend to specific team dynamics and operate as a mentor to all the team members.

The project lead also needs to coordinate with the leading stake holders and other team members for feedbacks and ideas. The Project charges the team and encourages them to follow you through both tough and soothing times.

5. Determine Analytical Project Breakthrough:

Define a life cycle or a step by step approach to your project like the four main phases such as commencement, outlining, execution and termination. A real assessment needs to be carried out at the completion of each phase. All the details from the product to the documentation is required to set the project stipulation. Every output needs to be examined. The product needs to be built according to the customer’s expectations. This breakthrough not only helps the project managers to dispose off the project risk or monitor the project change, but also notifies them about any ongoing complications and ensures that each module is executed properly.

6. Maintain Open Communication:

Open Communication in project management is critical to ensure project success. The project manager needs to be at the helm of the communication structure.

The project manager should maintain a communication plan and follow it throughout all the phases of the project. The connection within the team should be consistent, transparent and open.

Communication with the customers and teammates during the project is mandatory.

Every member of the team should have the necessary knowledge about the project and then should proceed with the necessary activities. A constant flow of project information and status reports is a must for the project to be executed successfully.

7. Secure Admissible Documentation:

From the commencement of the project to the breakthrough, the project managers should have a clear documentation that is endorsed by the stake holders.  . Determine that the documentation is coordinated with the project management techniques of excellence to ensure your team is concealed in agreement of deliverables and beliefs.

Documentation is essential even if a proper project management software is in place to coordinate and help completion of project on time and within the budget, hence making the project ready for stake holders and plan for any surprises in the project.

Too many complications should be avoided to prevent confusion thereby losing the value to the project.

8. Project Risk Management:

Any project comes loaded with risks and therefore risk mitigation measures are mandatory before the project commences. Prior experience and knowledge of possible risks that may come up during a project can be the ideal guide to project managers. With open communication within the team, one can manage risks before they get out of control. Risk is just a possible problem which can become an actual problem in no time if it is not controlled or any action to mitigate it is not taken. Risk management is essential for project success.

9. Avoid Outlook Slither:

Managing outlook slithering is one of the essential elements to the success of a project. Though certain situations are inevitable in a project, it can still be protected from slithering into a mess.

These situations generally happen when new modules are added to the project that is already approved and there is no scrutiny to increase the budget, timelines, or resources to satisfy the needs of the revised project.

The project documentation must be signed by all the stakeholders on the changes before proceeding with the development on the revised changes.

10. Testing of the Final Output:

The final result needs to be tested at every critical breakthrough to ensure that the project specifications are met from the final product. Make sure that the specifications are met at every stage of development. The final product should meet the customer expectations as it is a closure of the project lifecycle.

It is a gesture of achievement for the project manager, as well as the team members and the stake holders.

Determine that the customer is happy with the final product and hence the mission is accomplished.

11. Assessment of the Project:

It is essential to analyze the project as a whole as well as each module of the project. Make proper decisions and conclude about the project’s quality and performance. Distinguishing between the planned return on investment and the actual return on investment can help understand the level of the success of the project.

To eliminate future failures and ensure future success the project manager needs to take decisions as to which projects to execute. Identifying the team with the right skills and coordinating with the stake holders makes the project successful. . Most of all efficient management of time and resources is important.

Project Planning Pro is one such application that fits all the above mentioned criteria and is one of the best Project Management tools.

Project Planning Pro is cost-effective, easy-to-use and is coming up with project management techniques based on the Agile Methodology.  It is a cross platform application and is available in around 9 languages. It provides user friendly features that include:

  • Creation of multiple tasks giving one’s to-do list a better structural approach.
  • Reminders that notify the managers about the upcoming deadlines and the milestones to be achieved.

The Project Planning Pro App is a multi-location application and is used by many industry people across the globe. This application can be efficiently used by individuals to manage their personal to-do list, and also by project managers to track the following:

  • Projects assigned to the team members
  • Project deadlines
  • Important project milestones to be achieved.

This application helps the project managers to deliver the right product at the right time.

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