Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

For someone who never used such services earlier, it is not simple to find the best apps to read someone’s text messages (without them knowing). And that’s because there are too many services available nowadays. And guess what? Not all of them are even real!

That’s why we did some research regarding that matter. We gathered information, analyzed, and summarized everything for anyone (regardless of experience with Android/iOS). We will discuss ten superb choices to help you track the phone now! Let’s get started.

What to Look for When Choosing a Text Message Spying App?

Three things to consider when choosing spyware, besides any consideration related to your specific requirements. The three things are (1) Features, (2) Cost, and (3) Compatibility. You want to be sure its features include enough tools for your requirements. You want to compare prices fairly and pay only for the features you need. And finally, you want to verify compatibility with your device before finalizing your subscription.

#1 – mSpy – Top Rated

mSpy logo

Features Overview | mSpy

  • GPS tracking, reports, and Geofencing.
  • Internet history, social media activities, and email access
  • Chat, texts, call logs, and messaging monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Keyword alerting
  • Safe for both devices & users’ information
  • Authorized and trusted service by tens of millions

mSpy is the first app to receive other people’s text messages you see in this list and every other list you find online. mSpy presents an authorized and complete solution to track everything on another phone.

It is the most effective and efficient approach to do it all in no time. Effective? Yes, you enjoy tens of features to access everything! Efficient? Yes! With no skill, no time, and no risk, you do the job anonymously! You can access the other phone and enjoy mSpy’s features.

Read Someone’s Text Messages

#2 – Eyezy – Phone Spyware

eyezy logo

Users start looking for an app to get text messages from another phone in many situations with their minors, family, friends, and employees. Sometimes they want to protect their devices or their beloved ones.

That’s when applications and spyware like Eyezy come as a perfect and easy solution for such requirements. It helps them with security, catching cheating partners, helping friends with social and behavioral problems, etc. Such trusted and quality software is a complete solution for any user having related troubles.

Eyezy | App Features

  • Access call logs, messaging, social media, and everything!
  • GPS locations tracker
  • See the device and the user’s information
  • Internet and social media tracking
  • Installed apps and Internet apps control
  • Set keywords to receive alerts.
  • Silent mode (No notifications to the target!)
  • And much more!

#3 – XNSPY | The Spyware

XNSPY logo

Do you want to see who they are texting apps? XNSPY is another handy choice. It is remarkable! And that’s because it is an affordable solution to track a device successfully without any hustle, no waste of effort, time, or money. You pay for an authorized service to reach your goals in time. And without risk.

XNSPY | Features Overview

With XNSPY, you can access all social media profiles, messengers, call history, GPS locations, and more. In the hidden mode, you can read the text and monitor the usage of the device without them knowing at all.

#4 – Spyic | Mobile Spyware


Spyic is popular because Spyic is cool! The app will access the other device as a feather! Try it with someone sitting right beside you and using their phones. You will notice that nothing at all happened on their screens.

Features of Spyic

Yet, many things happen in their system! Spyic will let you know everything they do with their device. It is a brilliant app for viewing text messages on another phone silently. What are they doing on social media, what do they search for, and where did they launch this evening? And more!

#5 – Try Out Highster!


Highster is one of the most significant spyware in the applications market. With it, you can effortlessly track another device for any reason. Are you protecting the children? The business device? An elderly parent or a friend needed help with some issue? All that can be easy if you choose reputable spyware like Highster.

Learn About Features

Highster is an app where you can see other people’s texts without them knowing or getting notifications. Additionally, you get more features like seeing where they go, who they talk to online, previewing their call log, messages, social media profiles, and more.

#6 – Spyzie the Spyware


In situations like cheating, how easy can you get closer to your evidence with an app to see texts on another phone? You can get that in a blink of an eye, right? They must have done something with their phones! They could have used a chatting app, dating app, or called a cab! We do everything nowadays via our phone operating system, don’t we?

Features Overview – Spyzie

With Spyzie, the matter is simple! You only subscribe, install the app, and you get instant access! You get access to their usage of almost all installed applications on their devices, including social media, emails, call and text, etc. And most importantly, and in addition to the speed, it is all as easy as drinking water! It will require no skill, no time, and no expensive cost to track the other device.

#7 – FlexiSPY | Phone Tracker


Sometimes we want to protect the device of our business, our minors, and our devices. Depending on reliable spyware is the shortest way to reach that destination without wasting time or money. FlexiSPY is a brilliant solution if you want to get something done quickly or seek permanent spyware to help you protect and govern the usage of your devices!

About the Features | FlexiSPY

It is not only an app to check someone’s text messages; it is for many more purposes. You can count on FlexiSPY to know what your kids/employees are doing with their devices without effort. You only need the subscription and the installation, and you are ON! You access their messages, emails, social media profiles, GPS locations, search history, and almost every other information on their device!

#8 – Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch app

When you want to see who they are texting without them knowing, you need a handy tool like Hoverwatch. With it, you get access to the information of the device and the user. In no time, everything is yours!

Learn More – Hoverwatch Features

Hoverwatch is a suitable tool for almost every spying purpose. Do you suspect a cheating spouse? Your friend/family having trouble with toxic relations or substance abuse and asked for your help? Do you want to protect other devices from scammers and possible risks on the internet? All that is doable with Hoverwatch because it includes these features. And more features! You will know everything about the other device because Hoverwatch will access information on the targeted phone.

#9 – TheSpyBubble


The name is suitable because the app is smooth as a bubble! Without any notifications to the target, the brilliant tool will let you access the other device and see everything!

It is the perfect solution for those who need to access the other device without agreeing with its holder/owner to do so for any reason. Many features of the brilliant application will work without leaving any trace or notifying the target about anything.

TheSpyBubble Features

Do you want to know why it is a perfect choice when searching for an app to track text messages on another phone? Because it is trusted, authorized, and will do the job without exposing any device to any risk related to the device or the information. Effortlessly you get access to their texts, emails, call register, social media accounts, and much more!

#10 – MobiPast

MobiPast logo

MobiPast is an app that lets you read other people’s text messages. And not only that! Because you can count on MobiPast for any task related to monitoring/tracking another device. Whether you agree with them or not, you can use MobiPast in both cases! 

MobiPast – Mobile Application Features

With only a few clicks, you get to reach your target! And most importantly, without exposing both devices to any potential risk. MobiPast will track the other device successfully. And it will always promise to keep the data and information on both devices safe. Also, it is a handy software with many features, such as a GPS tracker, social media tracker, access to emails and texts, and much more.

Discussion Conclusion

Read this discussion if you are looking for an app to get someone’s text messages without them knowing! We have started with tips to help you choose the correct spyware for your case. Then we started discussing ten of the best options to get the job done without exposing the devices or the information to risk.

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