Top 8 | Best Android Phone Spy Apps

We inspected many applications before summarizing this list for parents/active phone users. We wanted our suggestions to meet the requirements of every possible user looking for the best Android phone spy apps.

We based our search and collected information about all features, information about prices, and compatibility. Let’s learn about eight applications from that place on the very top!

1 – Eyezy | Android Spy App

eyezy logo

Features of Eyezy Spyware

This spy app for Android exists in almost all similar lists and posts. That’s for too many reasons, including too many features:

  • Stealth mode (No notifications for target)
  • Spy on all social media activities
  • Including private ones!
  • Message/Email/Text spy app for Android
  • Different GPS spying features
  • Alerted words

Wondering About the Price?

You can choose monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions to Eyezy. And for sure, you save more by choosing the bigger plan. Monthly subscriptions are around $50. Yearly subscriptions are around $150.

Compatibility – More Information

It is one of the most magnificent spyware apps for Android and iOS. Most importantly, it will work on both systems in an irrespective approach.

Try The Best Spy App

2 – mSpy | The Most Popular

mSpy logo

This search is probably your first for the best free spy apps for Android if you don’t know mSpy already. It is also in almost all posts, news, and informative articles discussing the best spyware for Android.

Why? Because it is (1) the easiest. And because (2) It includes a remarkable number of features. Everything is possible with mSpy! Anonymously, you can monitor and control everything on the target phone.

Some Features of Mspy:

  • GPS Track, Geofencing
  • Social Media & Internet Tracking
  • Emails, Calls, Texts, Messages
  • Everything!
  • Most importantly, it is easy & safe.
  • The best spyware for Android!

For How Much is mSpy?

Offering competitive prices is one of the reasons that makes mSpy one of the most popular spying applications. In 2024, mSpy will cost you around $20 every month. And that’s a tough, competitive price when compared to other spyware prices.

Compatibility of mSpy

You don’t worry about these things when you choose such quality! mSpy runs on any iOS phone. And it works on Android 4 above, which means for almost every phone on the planet now!

3 – Spyic – Spyware for Android


Another great application! And a good choice when you search for the best-hidden spy apps for Android.

Note: Btw, be careful! Don’t just use any application! And don’t search for free spy apps for Android! Because you would probably harm your device. Read and gather information from trusted publishers. Check out this Example.

Let’s get back to Spyic. It is another popular solution because it is safe, easy, and presents many features. Let’s take a look.

Features of Spyic the Spyware

In a hidden mode (as well), you can monitor and track the usage of the other device. Everything related to internet and social media applications, call logs, emails, etc. The result is effortless control over the other device.

Spyic – for How Much?

The cost of Spyic is around $10 per month. A great price but It may include less features you need to spy on Android phones.

Spyic – Information About Compatibility

It is compatible with Android and iOS. And it operates the same on both systems without any problems. The application is easygoing. And that’s why it is on this list. Everything about the application is smooth and friendly to the user.

4 – Looking for Spyware? uMobix


uMobix is another brilliant tool with too many features. The price might stun you for a minute! Yet, it is a safe spy app for Android phones. And it presents all features you might need to protect your children from harmful content, users, etc.

What Are the Features?

  • Track GPS and locations of the target phone
  • Get access to their social media profiles
  • Protect their devices by viewing and controlling installed applications
  • Incoming calls, texts, chats, emails
  • Many things are accessible!

How Much is uMobix?

You can subscribe to uMobix for around $50 per month in the monthly subscription. And you can save if you choose quarterly and yearly plans. We have already mentioned more expensive applications, but this one is remarkable because it might seem overpriced. Especially if compared to similar applications in the market. Yet, it is brilliant, safe, and can help you protect your children from potential harm and problems we expose to every day.

uMobix – Compatibility & Information

It will work perfectly on any Android 4+. And it will also work perfectly on any iOS. Additionally, the official website presents a handy feature to check the compatibility of your device before installing or purchasing.

5 – Need Spyware? Try MobiPast

MobiPast logo

Are you looking for spyware? We have discussed some options in this comprehensive article. And MobiPast is one of the most brilliant options in the world of applications.

All features of the application are easygoing. It is handy for situations we face with our children and matters related to their phones. And most importantly, it is safe and will not harm any of the devices (The tracker and the target). It will help you protect your information and the information on the target’s phone. And that’s why it is one of the best Android phone spy apps.

About Features of MobiPast

With MobiPast, and with no struggle, you have access! Once you install the tracker, you will access almost all the information on the other device. You get device and user information, social media access, internet usage reports, call logs, GPS tracker, and more.

The price of MobiPast

MobiPast will cost you around $30 per standard monthly subscription in 2024.

MobiPast – Compatibility

MobiPast will work perfectly on Android 4+ and iOS 7+. And most importantly, it will work fine if the two devices have two different operating systems. And that is something important we highlighted in our research for you.

6 – Try out Cocospy!


Are you worried about your kids’ usage of the internet? You have all the right to be! You want to try out Cocospy to monitor and control everything related to the mobile device of your minors. It is safe, handy, and will help you with its brilliant features.

Whether you agree with your minors about the spyware or you decided to do it anonymously, Cocospy can help you with its features to track the other device in stealth/hidden mode.

Cocospy | Features Overview

Cocospy presents simple features to all parents, even those with less experience with technology and phone applications. It is a handy tool to know how their kids use mobile phones.

Want to Check It Out?

In 2024, Cocospy will cost you around $40/Monthly to enjoy the remarkable spyware.

Device Compatibility With Cocospy

Cocospy is spyware that works fine on both Android and iOS operating systems. It could be the best spy app for Android without access to the target phone. It presents authorized and trusted services to millions of users from all over the world.

7 – TheSpyBubble | Brilliant Spyware!


Features of TheSpyBubble

Do you want to know how to spy on an Android phone? Also, iOS phones? TheSpyBubble is lite, easy, has remarkable features, and can get you there in a few minutes!

With a few clicks, you can finally access your minor kids and get the technical upper hand! Whether it is a complex situation that requires your interference, or you are enhancing their security, TheSpyBubble is a handy choice.

For How Much is TheSpyBubble?

In 2024, TheSpyBubble will cost around $25/month, a low price compared to other applications. And it is also a low price compared to its own in the past few years.

And Device Compatibility? | TheSpyBubble

It is compatible and works fine with Android and iOS operating systems, which makes it easy to use across multiple devices with different operating systems.

8 – Highster | Android & iOS Spyware


Are you looking for the best hidden spy app for Android and iOS? This suggestion could be it! Highster is nice because it is a high-end solution with premium quality and trusted service. Using it, you can access the tracked device and see whatever you want!

Features and Tools | Highster

You get access to information, applications, GPS reports, Call logs, Emails and internet usage, Social media, and everything you need to protect your minors and their devices.

How Much is Highster?

You will need around $70/Month to subscribe to Highster in 2024.

Highster | Compatibility Android & iOS

And Yes! It will work regardless of any differences between the operating systems on the two devices.


We discussed eight of the best spyware applications in the world in this article. We collected the best choices that work fine on Android and iOS operating systems, regardless of the difference in the operating system on both devices.

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